Relax in our luxurious Onsens

The Akakura Hotel has several natural hot springs (Onsen) to choose from, including a large main onsen, outdoor onsens, indoor baths and even private onsens that can be reserved for families or private use. Akakura Hotel also features a fully outdoor bath that is open only in the winter when the surrounding snow builds up for privacy. All of our Onsens use natural hot spring water brought from the north side of Mt. Myoko. The water is rich in minerals and is said to be soothing and nutritious for the body. Among the minerals, many of the onsens contain sulphur, so please do not mind the strong scent, nor the floating mineral particles.


Uenn-no Yu (有縁の湯) is one of the largest onsens in Akakura Onsen area.
Both baths for male and female feature spacious indoor baths with both jacuzzi and sauna and an outdoor bath which looks splendid in winter with when the snow has piled up.
Operating hours: 5am to midnight
(Sauna is open from 3pm)


Rakuraku-no Yu (楽々の湯) has three indoor bathtubs sourced from hot springs at three different temperatures.
Open 24 hours.


Ishiwari-no Yu (石割の湯) is the smallest onsen in our hotel.
The bathtub is made of stones, keeping both the onsen and your body very warm after leaving the bath.
Open 24 hours.


tenkuu-no Yu (天空の湯) is an outside onsen for mixed bat
hing - open to both males and females.
This is limited opportunity only available during winter when the snow has piled up around the bath to create privacy. Do not miss your chance to relax and enjoy this bath during the winter.
The usage of bath towels in the bath is especially allowed in this onsen due to mixed bathing. Females in particular are invited to wrap a towel around your body even in the bath.

Operating Hours: 5am to Midnight


Private Bath (Myoko-no Yu & Koban-no Yu)

If you would like to book a private bath, we have two small private baths available between 5am and midnight. Please make the booking and collect the keys at the main reception.

2,000 yen (excluding tax) for 60 min, per room.


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