Frequently Asked Questions

What time is check-in and check-out?

Akakura Hotel
Check In - 14:00
Check Out - 10:00
Akakura Hotel Annex
Check In - 15:00
Check Out - 10:00

When the room is ready for use, early check-in is also available. (1,080 yen/person)
You can use the resting/changing room and our onsens after checking out and are also welcome to storage luggage with the hotel.

Do you have a shuttle bus service?

Yes, the Hotel's bus will pick you up and return you to Myokokogen Station for free. Let us know your arrival time in advance so we can be sure and be waiting for you. 
If you wish to take a shuttle bus from Nagano Station (if you have a large amount of luggage, for example), please see the Myoko Tourist Office website.

Are the rooms Western style, or Japanese?

Akakura Hotel is pleased to provide both rooms, as well as combination rooms. In the Akakura Hotel, we have 20 Japanese rooms, where you can enjoy sleeping on futons on fragrant Tatami mat floors, four comfortable Western rooms, and 44 semi-Japanese rooms—featuring beds as well as an adjoining tatami area where you can relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy your time in Myoko. The Akakura Hotel Annex has 20 Western and  23 semi-Japanese rooms.

We would like to eat out some nights, and eat at the hotel on others. Can we do this?

Yes you are more than welcome to! Most guests staying in the Annex will be on a breakfast-only package, so this is of course not a concern for many guests. If you are staying in the Annex and would like to have dinner at the Hotel, please let us know the day before.  For all others, just let us know one day in advance, so that we can prepare  the correct number of meals for you.
Feel free to contact our  English-speaking concierge if you have any questions once you are here.

I have special dietary needs. Can you handle these?

Please let us know your particular needs in advance; we will do everything possible to meet them. Please note that kosher or halal foods are not widely obtainable in Japan. As a note, those with soy allergies will need to be very careful in Japan (most Japanese food contains soy in some form). Some additional charge may be required for special meals; please let us know when making reservations, or contact us in advance at

How do you heat the rooms?

Both the Hotel and Annex use radiators, with the Hotel using a hot-water system and the Annex a steam-based system. The use of the steam system in the Annex may result in knocking sounds for a few minutes in the morning and  night; the noise will stop shortly and will not return while the system is in use. However, this system is the most efficient and fastest way to maintain the warmth in the building even during a severe winter. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this noise may cause.

The washlet toilet in my Annex room seems to respond slowly. Is there something wrong with it?

Not at all, the washlet toilets in the Annex are actually a more advanced model than others. When you press the wash button, any cold water in the feed line is purged, so that only warm water is actually delivered. This takes a few extra seconds. Please wait a little longer for the water if you experience this issue.

We would like to see more of Japan during our stay. Is regional transportation available?

The Myoko Tourist Office and the Keinan bus company have bus tours to destinations locally and in Nagano, including to Nagano City where you can transfer and see the famous Snow Monkeys. Please see the Tourist Office’s website, or talk to our English-speaking Concierge for more information
It is possible to exchange some of the package lift tickets provided through the Myoko Tourist Office for these trips. We also have some English brochures at reception, and can help with train times and reservations for other destinations.

Can you tell me a little about the area around the Hotel?

The Akakura area is one of Japan’s most famous locations for onsen (hot springs) towns in Japan (and our hotel is proud to have some of the best onsen around!). All the shops, restaurants, souvenir shops etc. can be reached on foot in less than 5 minutes. The Shin-Akakura area, home to the Akakura Kanko Ski area, is a little further, but still within 20 minutes reach. To reach the Ikenotaira or Suginohara areas, a free shuttle buses runs hourly during daylight hours however, in the evening a taxi will be required. Regular public buses also run to the area around Myokokogen Station for a reasonable fee. 
Our concierge made an English-language map available. The Concierge can also arrange for reservations, taxis, etc.

Is the ski area close to the hotel?

Yes, the Akakura Onsen Ski Area is just a three-minute walk from the hotel. All other Myoko ski areas can be reached by free shuttle buses (except for the Seki Onsen Ski Area).
We can provide shuttle bus departure and return times; please to the hotel staff upon your arrival.
This is the  2014-15 Myoko ski area map  (PDF)
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