Akakura Hotel features a variety of spacious Western, Japanese and Combination Style Rooms. For the duration of your stay you may experience a Japanese Style Room, equipped with traditional Japanese style beds (futons), tatami floor mats, japanese furniture and paper doors. You may also choose to stay in a Western Style Room, featuring a Western style bed and furniture. Lastly, Combination Rooms are available for a full comfortable stay at Akakura Hotel.

Akakura Hotel

JA - Twin Bed Room + Japanese Style Room

Combination of a Western Style bedroom and the Japanese tatami mat floor.

SA - Salon Room + Japanese Style Room

A combination of a cosy lounge room and Japanese Style Room are separated by the hallway.

RA - Western Lounge Room + Japanese Style Room

A Combination Room separated into a Japanese Style Bedroom, and cosy lounge room entered via staircase.


Akakura Hotel Annex


Akakura Hotel Annex has two kinds of twin bedrooms - a 25 ㎡ Special Twin Room featuring Western style beds and a Japanese Tatami Room. And a 19㎡ Western Style only Twin Room. 

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Are the rooms Western style, or Japanese?

The Hotel is pleased to provide both, as well as combination rooms. In the Akakura Hotel, we have 20 all-Japanese rooms, where you can enjoy sleeping on futons on fragrant tatami mats, four comfortable Western rooms, and 44 semi-Japanese rooms—featuring beds as well as an adjoining tatami area where you can relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy your time in Myoko. The Akakura Hotel Annex has 20 Western and  23 semi-Japanese rooms.

The washlet toilet in my Annex room seems to respond slowly. Is there something wrong with it?

No, but perhaps an explanation is needed. The washlet toilets in the Annex are actually a more advanced model than some others. When you press the wash button, any cold water in the feed line is purged, so that only warm water is actually delivered. This takes a few extra seconds. Please wait a little longer.

How do you heat the rooms?

Both the Hotel and Annex use radiators, with the Hotel using a hot-water system and the Annex steam-based. The use of steam may result in slight knocking sounds for a few minutes in the Annex; the noise will stop very shortly and will not return while the system is in use. However, this system is the greatest way to maintain the whole building very warm even during a severe winter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.