About Us

Akakura Hotel was founded on the idea of creating a place where families and friends could enjoy the Akakura Onsen (hot springs) in comfort and style. It has been approximately 200 years since our foundation.

Akakura Onsen is said to have been discovered by a famous Buddhist priest known as Shinran who when climbing Mt. Myoko came upon wild animals bathing in the hot springs and then informed the local people. Furthermore, Uesugi Kenshin (a famous military commander during the Warring States period) is said to have used Akakura Onsen as a place for his sick and wounded soldiers to recover. 
In the 14th year of the Bunka Era of the Tokugawa Period (1812), with the assistance of the feudal lord Sakakibara of the Takada area (now known as the Joetsu area) the hot spring water was drawn from the Akakura area to create hot spring facilities, which developed into the hot spring and ski resort now known as Akakura Onsen.
Akakura Onsen is a combination of a hydrogen carbonate spring and sulphate spring, which is said to have a beautifying effect so great that it is described as a fountain of beauty.
We hope you enjoy your stay.   


Uen-koh (Original Buddhism in Akakura Hotel)

There is an original Buddhist altar in the lobby of our hotel. A grandmother of the late head of the family installed a family Buddhist altar in the Akakura Hotel Lobby. On the father`s anniversary day, one can worship and mourn his death for an number of days, at the altar or many different Buddhist temples. 
In order to worship his anniversary and sustain the relationship with the father, it is said that one has to to bathe in the hot springs on the day of his anniversary. The reason for this ceremony is to remove the corruption and pollution of the body and the heart. Nearly 5000 people have come and worshipped this ceremony from across the country.